We all want to have more space than we currently have. If you are currently planning your DIY project, you may be able to create more storage space and light in your home without having to get the builders. The below space-saving DIY tips will help you stay organized more out of your life, and let your house look bigger, lighter and more modern.

Find Multifunctional Furnitures & Fixtures

Thanks to clever designers, you can now get furniture that is functional and has a hidden shelf. From storage seats in the kitchen where you can store your towels and placemats to tables with drawers and even seat cushions that keep all your spare blankets and pillows in the living room to the sleeping chairs, there is plenty of space-saving furniture for you to choose from.

Free-Up Space

You can get rid of the walls that do not serve any purpose in order to gain more space. As you lose some wall surface, you can get larger space for the furniture. Get a larger shelf or even a series of living bamboo that keeps your room clean and modern. You can open your kitchen outside by adding a veranda or conservatory and even expand the cupboards into the new room.

Use Folding Doors

Instead of large, massive oak doors, you can also use safety glass patio doors and single doors. Get rid of this old wooden frame and choose a frameless design to better connect and save space. Not many people know that Bifolds can open inwards so that they can save space in the conservatory when you design the breathtaking dining room, which you’ll be proud of for many years.

Implement Some Recessed Storage

If you have interior walls that are too thick for you, for example between the wet room and the kitchen, you can create the perfect installation space. Alternatively, if your house has an old chimney, you can use the space next to it to place a custom shelf in the niche and admire all your valuable collections for your guests.

Under Stairs space utilization

If you want to add modern accents to your home, you might like the idea of creating a colorful, under-stairs warehouse or closet that better organizes your shoes, coats, and umbrellas than a simple wardrobe. It is a good idea to add drawers so that you can safely store your household items, your iron, ironing board, cleaning items and find them easier every time.

Whether you want to create space or add a modern touch while at the same time creating space in your home, you can use the above-mentioned space-saving ideas. Channel your imagination to make the most of your room, light and storage furniture. You can have a modern and spacious house if you plan maximum occupancy and functionality.