Did you ever experience going to a friend’s house which got you awestruck? You’ve likely thought, wow, I want to do the same, I really need it. With a few simple tips for home decor fun and the application of a few unique modifications in your home, you can very happily make your home look awesome and be satisfied with the results!

But it isn’t just about decorating the interior of your house. You also need to understand how you can add style to your home. In this article, we will discuss some home decoration tips that can highlight your home, without having to spend much.

1. Choose A Unique Interior Decoration Guide

The selection of a leader who will spearhead the decoration is very necessary. The truth remains that a good interior design inspiration is worth more than an interior design company. You must have your furnishing style and understand the details of it. And of course, you will need to stay tuned to the end.

2. The Warehouse

The installation of at least a single socket in the warehouse is important. Good lighting in the work area and storehouse is essential as it helps everyone to find products and decorative items quickly. In addition, you could iron clothes or use vacuum cleaner directly in the warehouse.

3. Floor Drains Must Be in a Lower Elevation

Bathing consumes much water flowing through the drain into the sewage system. Some designers install drains on a level floor resulting in an overflow of water. It may cause deformation of the door, and some can bring harm to the neighbors. Before the installation, carry out a good measurement.

4. Waterproof Spots In The Bathroom

When you get to your newly built or remodeled house, it must have waterproofing in certain areas. However, some are not qualified. As far as I’m concerned, the waterproofing should be the top priority. We should choose good quality water-proof materials and after the installation has a water test to avoid water from penetrating the floors and ending up in the neighbors home. It is not only bad for friendship but also time consuming and expensive.

5. Test The Water Pressure

It is easy to find water leaks or water penetration if you’re not testing water pressure in pipes. Not all decoration materials are qualified in the acceptance inspection, not to mention collisions during transport. Therefore, pressure testing of the water in every pipe is very important. Test time should not be less than thirty minutes. If homeowners do not know how it operates,  finding a professional inspector is a good idea.

6. Special Handling of the Cabinet in the Balcony

If you are installing a closet on a balcony, better use a foam insulation board to avoid direct sunlight and choose the color that may not easily fade.


Finally, it is important to consider the entire furnishing style. You can find the general style and tone and then decorate your home with either the same or a similar style to make things easier to complete. Follow these tips carefully, make your home look good and let your visitors be amazed.