New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in this whole world. When you hear about New Zealand, you immediately think about the brilliant wildlife, grand vistas and the windy roads. But the country has more to it than scenic beauty. Thriving from an agricultural economy, the countries cuisine involves the use of agricultural products and also a lot of seafood. The following are some of the top foods you need to try out in New Zealand:

You might be wondering why a popular dish in New Zealand is named as Afghan. The name might be from the Middle East, but the food is certainly from New Zealand. Afghans are made out of flour, cornflakes, cocoa and sugar. All these ingredients are mixed together and finally coated with chocolate icing. The cookie is topped with walnuts, and these Afghans do not taste too sweet even though it has many sweet ingredients in it. You will be able to get these from all the bakeries in New Zealand, and it is mostly had with a cup of hot chocolate.

Hangi is a traditional food of New Zealand, and it is slow cooked in an underground oven. The dish is made up of meat and vegetables, and it is usually served during special occasions as it takes a very long time to prepare the food.

Pavlova is a popular dish in New Zealand, and you will be able to find it in every home during Christmas time, even during dinner parties and summer barbeques. They are a desert type of food which is topped with fresh fruits with plenty of whipped cream. Kiwi and strawberry dominate the toppings, and few other berries and fruits are also added.

New Zealand Lamb:
The country is known for its beef and lamb industry, and you will find this meat everywhere in New Zealand. The meat is usually grilled, and the lamb is flavoured with rosemary, and people usually have steamed vegetables on the side.


Hokey Pokey:
Hokey Pokey is popular ice cream in the country, and it consists of vanilla ice cream and honeycomb toffee pieces on top of the ice cream.

You might think that you can get candies from all parts of the world, but the lollies that you get in New Zealand are something special. Some of the popular flavours include pineapple, chocolate fish, jaffas, jelly jet planes etc. You can find these in any supermarket or a local candy store.

These are the lobsters, and the fishermen of New Zealand take pride in catching them. It is quite expensive, but it is definitely worth the try.

Kina is sea food, and it is kind of a sea urchin that has hard spikes on the outside and fleshy edibles on the inside.