Expand Your Room By Adding Depth Using Mirrors

In order to hang up extra mirrors in your room, it is best to ‘ expand ‘ them. When it comes to interior design, mirrors bring the illusion of an enlarged surface. Using a handful of smaller size mirrors can help on intensifying the effect of light in the overall surroundings. Hanging a single larger mirror, on the other hand, will create an illusion of extra space in the room.

Use The Extra Storage Space Under Your Table, Sofa Or Bed

Small spaces require more and more storage. In most cases you can’t really change that, but there’s always a way to adapt! Take advantage of the extra space under your bed, sofa, Office, desk, table and pretty much every piece of furniture that has some kind of unused space.

Baskets, plastic containers, shutters or even normal cartons can do a great job to make your room more functional and efficient.

Extra tip: Vacuum bags can help you to further reduce the space requirement of your garment (especially clothing).

Small living room

How do I maximize the place? The walls and ceilings are an untapped goldmine. The best way to hack a small room is to make the most of the ceiling and walls. Consider hanging fixed shelves or, if applicable, floating shelves or even better, mount a solid ‘ peg it All ‘ board. This allows you to change and rearrange how you use the wall storage. Fill the wall with shelves or turn it into a multi-purpose bracket.

Install ceiling shelves! This is simply the best choice you can make to use the room completely, no matter how small your new home is. The trick I’ll suggest to you is to mount hangers over the entire length of your newly installed shelves. This is a great way to use shelves.

Another great way to use the space in tiny rooms is the installation of the so-called flexible shelves on the ceiling. If it is handy enough, you could even install a pair of floating (hanging) shelves. It is best to hire an experienced hanger/craftsman to achieve a long-term robustness.

Faux floating shelves are also an option. Install the wall brackets, but let the shelf itself float. This allows you to use or move the shelves yourself and continue to use the brackets as hangers.

One of my favorite hacks is to use doors. Depending on how strong your hinges are, the average door may contain at least two or three additional shelves or hangers for you to enjoy as you prefer. From hanging clothes to stacking photos, etc. Attaching shelves to your door will certainly add some additional options for you to choose from.

6 Extra Tips In Decorating Small Rooms

Tip # 1. For a small room, whether it is a bedroom, a living room or a kitchen, use bright colors. White is also a preferred color for small rooms, I have noticed it because it makes the room clean, airy and spacious. But for color lovers, using a light hue of any other color can also work. And it can, of course, be combined with a little white. Do not use dark colors, as they will only make your small room look even smaller.

Tip # 2. Use the height of the ceiling to your advantage and not the width. How can you do that? By building your bed over another part of the room. A working table can be placed under the bed. A few storage rooms can be built under the bed, so no wardrobe is needed.

Tip # 3. Make the most of light. Place your desk near the window so that you can work or read in direct sunlight. Also, to save space in your tiny space, you can reach a professional like a fantastic electrician and get and ceiling lights installation or wall lights to save space. The fewer desk lamps or floor lights you have, the more space will be in your room.

Tip # 4. Keep your small room clean and with hidden storage space. Some experts would argue that an open wardrobe is a good solution to make a small room look bigger, but I do not agree at all. I advise people to use a closet with doors and even to hide as much as possible their possessions and valuable goods. Even a chest of drawers would be better for a small room.

Tip # 5. Choose a great feat for a focal point in space, instead of using a number of small paintings or images. They also make the room seem overloaded. Be courageous with the art in the small room. Add only one or two pillows to your bed or sofa, but choose those that have a pop-up color instead of five pillows that blend with the rest of the furniture.

Tip # 6. Use a Murphy bed. If you want your small room to function as a bedroom and a living room, you can get a Murphy bed that stays hidden throughout the day in your living room. This is a great way to save space in your tiny space.